In a global first, insurance provider Chubb have tailored the Masterpiece policy exclusively for LUXICO, providing cover to the booming number of high-end homeowners entering the luxury rental market.

Home security weighs-in as one of the highest priorities on all homeowner lists. After managing over $700M worth of property, LUXICO has discovered that in many cases luxury homes are no longer covered by their insurance policy when rented on a short-term basis – exposing homeowners to a potential loss in the millions.

LUXICO’s partnership with Chubb Insurance has comes after years of discussion and hours of work behind the scenes, to consolidate an offer that we believe is the only adequate policy for short-term rental homes between $3-$50 million.


It is only fitting that LUXICO would partner with one of the world’s market leaders for insurance – who has been prominent in Australia for over 100 years. Among many feathers in their cap, Chubb Insurance offers customised policies for unique customer needs – such as the high value assets of LUXICO homeowners.

Together with Chubb, we’re trailblazing the short-term rental market offering our homeowners exclusive access to the Masterpiece policy which provides sought after streamlined services and cover.


Exclusive to LUXICO, Chubb has created a single home and contents policy that works to insure your home, irrespective of whether the homeowner or guest resides at the property. This includes full building insurance, contents and cover for art collections.

Under this policy, LUXICO homeowners are able to list their premium homes knowing they have comprehensive cover for their assets, while our existing clients can sleep easily knowing their property is in safe hands.


Homeowner confidence | Unparalleled security | Longevity in investment
Maintained home value | Comprehensive protection for homes between $3-50M
Access to an exclusive offer tailored to protect LUXICO clients

The Masterpiece policy is already proving it’s worth, with our clients discovering new-found confidence and an unrivalled sense of security.

Home security and protection is key to creating longevity in your investment. While earning a high yield is among one of the top priorities, it is essential that your home maintains its value over time.

The true benefit of this policy is that it has been created by us – for you. Our LUXICO clients own some of Australia’s most exceptional homes, and therefore require insurance tailored to its value and rental agreement. It may not be a traditional offering, nor one you have seen before and that’s because we simply don’t manage traditional clients.

Whether you are a Chubb client or a Luxico or client, please get in contact to discuss your home. A member of LUXICO and exclusive broker Maynard Barratt, will be in contact.