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LUXICO Flexible COVID-19 Booking Terms

Please note: Flexible COVID terms will no longer apply from 1 August 2022. We recommend taking out appropriate travel insurance to cover any required changes to your travel plans as all bookings confirmed after this date will be bound by our standard Booking Terms & Conditions.

If your booking was confirmed before 31 July 2022, the following policy relating to COVID-19 will apply:

You will be eligible to receive a credit note if you are unable to travel as planned 30 days from your check in date for any of the following reasons:

  1. If a person you have named on your guest agreement as staying at your Luxico accommodation has been infected with COVID-19 (certified medical certificate or letter from Doctor required);
  2. If you are in Australia or New Zealand and government border closures prevent you from travelling to your booked destination;
  3. If you are in Australia or New Zealand and government restrictions require you to quarantine on arrival at your destination or on return home;
  4. If you are an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or other eligible traveller based outside Australia, with permission to travel to Australia, and you are prevented from travelling to your booked destination as a result of government enforced border closures;
  5. If you are residing outside Australia and new government restrictions (initiated AFTER the date your booking was confirmed) prevent you from entering Australia or reaching your booked destination, excluding vaccination requirements. (Note, if your accommodation was booked when restrictions were already in place, no credit note or refund will be issued if these restrictions prevent you from travelling).

A $280 re-booking fee will apply to all cancelled bookings.

Please note: The Australian Government has mandated that vaccination requirements will apply to travel into, and within, Australia. We respect your right to determine whether vaccination is an appropriate choice for your personal circumstances, but regret that we are unable to provide refunds or credits if you are unable to travel as a result of vaccination requirements.

Did you know that some travel insurance policies now cover COVID cancellations in some circumstances?

NIB DOMESTIC TRAVEL INSURANCE for additional cover options
(Note: border closures are not currently covered)

Have you looked into your COVID travel insurance?

Travel insurance is an essential part of travel in COVID times. With so many unexpected situations, you deserve peace of mind so you can relax and enjoy your holiday. Some travel insurance policies now cover COVID cancellations in certain circumstances.

What do I do if I need to change or cancel my booking due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

In the event that your trip is disrupted by the coronavirus:

  • If you booked your stay via AirBNB please refer to the booking terms stated on the platform and submit a cancellation request via the platform. Please note that cancellation fees may apply per the advertised cancellation terms at the time your booking was confirmed.
  1. Convert your booking to a full credit for the amount paid to date for future travel within 18 months from the date your credit note is issued;
  2. Cancel your booking and claim a refund from your travel insurance company. Luxico will supply you with the necessary paperwork to assist you to file a claim. Not all insurance companies will cover out of pocket expenses incurred from a pandemic, and there are varying conditions and eligibility criteria that will determine whether this option is available to you. Please contact your insurer to confirm if this option is possible. (Note that a credit will not be provided to you in the event that you have claimed a refund from your insurer).

Got questions? Feel free to contact us to discuss your unique circumstances. We’re here to help.

View more information on LUXICO’s COVID-19 Health and Safety procedures here.

For booking changes and cancellations related to not related to COVID-19, our standard Booking Terms & Conditions will apply.

Updated 5 January 2022